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  • Deanna Aaron May 3, 2016

    How Live Chat Software Helps SMBs Better Connect With Potential Clients

    Though the Internet is an incredible place for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to sell products and services, the outlet certainly provides its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest stems from the potential disconnects that take place between an SMB and its customers. While the popularity of brick-and-mortar shopping is certainly on the […]

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  • Josh Hill Apr 29, 2016

    Brand Broadcasting: How Startups Can Make the Most of Facebook Live

    As both a social media and digital marketing authority, Facebook is a major driver of the “next big thing.” From branded pages and social reader apps to an emphasis on visuals and in-feed videos, Facebook has a stranglehold on the way public figures, celebrities and brands present themselves on its adaptive social network. The latest […]

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  • Scott Strauss Apr 26, 2016

    Brand Authenticity: Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

    To put it simply, brand authenticity is the stick to which all companies must eventually measure up. Yes, sales are incredibly important, but putting the proverbial cart before the horse has never worked for anyone. The thing is, brand authenticity doesn’t magically emerge from an impressive sales season; rather, it stems from a deliberate, mindful […]

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Responsive Web Design

Kontiki makes global communication relevant and engaging for companies of all sizes. After partnering with UpTrending to execute successful marketing initiatives and brand positioning, Kontiki came to us for a complete website redesign. We simplified content, created a more modern and engaging user interface, and streamlined the visitor flow. We built a customized WordPress backend for the client to easily update their own content.

  • 86%
    Increase in Overall Traffic
  • 350%
    Increase in Conversions
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