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How We Work

Our singular goal is to improve your online presence. We deliver by first understanding the fundamental purpose and value of your business. Then, we translate your objectives into our domain — the web. We have a passion for not only doing great work, but work that exceeds your desired goals.

  • Iterative, Agile Workflow

    In our years of experience, we've overcome the challenges faced with fixed bid projects and a waterfall approach. Instead, we execute in weekly sprints with regular strategy sessions that maximize responsiveness and eliminate end-of-project surprises, all while providing the crucial flexibility that changing business needs demand.

  • On-demand Transparency

    We believe in a partnership with our clients, offering transparency and direct access to our team of experts. Our tools provide transparency into project status, budget, assets, task priorities and assignments and a direct line of communication to our team. More importantly, whenever it is convenient for you, and right from a web-based interface.

  • Dedicated Resources

    By working strategically with our partners, we are able to have dedicated resources for your project. You get a full team of experts at your disposal - design, development and digital marketing. This allows us to become experts in your field, your project and your needs.

Handpicked From Across the Country

Although founded in Palo Alto, our talent search extends far beyond those borders. We have carefully assembled a diverse team of the best and brightest from around the U.S. We've perfected the art of distributed collaboration and team execution, with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

"The digital world moves at the speed of light! At UpTrending, we’re moving fast to provide leading-edge solutions to keep our clients ahead of the competition! From the cornerstone of digital marketing – a client’s website – to advanced predictive analytics and machine learning, UpTrending is rapidly evolving as an emerging industry leader."

— Kurt Johnson, CEO

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