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We Only Develop for the Latest Browsers – Here’s Why

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As part of our development process for web products (websites, landing pages, microsites, web applications), we focus on the two most recent browser versions. Occasionally, a client will be concerned that their audience uses older technology, and want us to develop backwards several versions. While we are certainly open to accommodating our clients’ needs, there’s […]

The Who, How, What and Why of User Personas

 /  Design  /  Development

Websites are multi-dimensional. They’re welcome mats. They’re information centers. A website can serve as the first interaction between a brand and consumer, and it has the capacity to play a large role in determining the future of that important relationship. One effective tool to leverage in personalizing the website experience and maximizing performance is user […]

Working Fast & Proper with Gulp

 /  Development

One of the things I love most about working at UpTrending is the freedom we are given to explore and implement better practices for processes and skill sets. Better practices make us more productive, so any time an UpTrender can find an area to improve upon, it is greatly encouraged. I recently evaluated our development […]

Managing A Creative Team

 /  Culture  /  Design  /  Development

Managing a creative team always has unique challenges.  Managing a creative team while managing a web design project creates an entirely different set of challenges. Whether you’re a project manager at an agency, an agency client, or working with an in-house team of creatives, you need to know the common challenges of managing a creative […]

WordPress vs. The Rest

 /  Development

We build a lot of WordPress sites here at UpTrending, so we often get asked about how it compares to other Content Management Systems. Whether it’s Joomla, Drupal, SquareSpace or even a proprietary CMS, companies want to be sure they get the right platform for their largest digital asset. Why WordPress is the Best Nine […]

Why a Responsive Website is Worth the Investment

 /  Design  /  Development

It’s ludicrous to think about creating a website in 2015 that isn’t responsive, and yet somehow, the conversation keeps coming up.  Typically, it’s about the money. Is it really worth the extra time to develop those scaled-down experiences? Maybe you need to hear this. Maybe your boss does. Maybe your CFO isn’t familiar with this […]

4 Ways to Cut Development Costs (Plus 3 Ways Not to)

 /  Development

Price matters. Sure, we’d like to think that every development project is focused on building the absolute best, most creative, seamless final product…but that’s not entirely true. Ultimately, budgets are finite, which means projects have limitations. So how do you make sure that your development project still ends up being amazing, when you don’t have […]

Web Trends You Need to Know Before You Redesign

 /  Design  /  Development

With the world of website design changing so quickly, how on earth are we supposed to keep up with “what’s hot and what’s not?” It feels like every guideline we come up with gets broken and every web trend that comes along is just a fleeting fad. The reality is, the rules of website design change so quickly […]

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