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Brand Identity, Design, Development, BI and Analytics


A fully responsive website that bridges the gap between alcohol producers, distributors and consumers.

Client Summary

Grappos is a large data warehouse service focused on alcohol distribution across the wine, liquor and beer industries. It provides store locator and demand-tracking services to alcohol producers and distributors.


Grappos initially approached UpTrending with a need to create a website and app that would consolidate and function as an intermediary between alcohol producers and distributors. The goal of the project was to promote Grappos’ identity to a well-established company with a focus on the user.


UpTrending designed and developed a fully responsive site that drives users to proper conversions, while making it easy for individuals to do their own search for specific wines and other alcohol products. The responsive locator was updated to match the new design and enhanced with analytics and tracking information to gather insight into user behavior.


  • 304%
    increase in unique pageviews
  • 290%
    increase in Organic Search traffic
  • 48%
    increase in pages per session
  • 220%
    increase in session duration

The Logo

UpTrending created a modern icon and wordmark to elevate the brand in the digital space. The design team explored several different approaches for the logo focusing on typography, color, scalability, and an icon that highlights the location-based feature of the app. The character of the logo established the design direction for online and offline marketing materials.

Teal #68c6b6

Ice #e9eaea

Slate #374753

Refresh #8ecc94

The Website

Grappos makes it easy to find and promote products in the alcohol industry. UpTrending established a modern design aesthetic to showcase the content, while maintaining simplicity, all while keeping the focus on the overall user experience. A sophisticated color palette, smart use of white space, and full width layout gives the site a contemporary look and feel which mimic the brand’s identity.

UI Elements

Keeping the site clean, fast, and user friendly were top of mind when creating UI elements. The Grappos site was created with a modern edge through color, typography, iconography, infographics, customized maps, and form elements. The consistent use of the brand colors created a unified, vibrant brand presence.

Responsive Design & Adaptive Layout

Branded Iconography

Customized Map

Modern Infographics

Clear Usability

Responsive Design Elegance

Starting with a mobile-first approach resulted in a site that operates smoothly for all screen sizes. The new Grappos site transitions effortlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile without losing any functionality or compromising the user experience.

  • Grappos Mobile website

    The Grappos site delivers a targeted experience both on desktop and mobile by automatically pulling the user's location, making it easy to find their favorite wines, spirits, and beers locally.

Uptrending is now HUSL Digital