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Design, UX Design, Development, BI and Analytics

Project Summary

A new website served as the focal point of ShipHawk’s shift from enterprise logistics solution to freemium shipping.

Client Summary

ShipHawk is a SaaS shipping platform designed to give retailers real-time quotes, tracking and logistics in one unified system.


ShipHawk wanted to rebuild their site to offer a persona-driven experience for their enterprise shipping solution, delivering key information to prospects and improving UX. During our three-month redesign, the company underwent a massive business shift, launching a freemium product model with the website serving as the fulcrum for the release. Our agile process delivered a robust destination, not only satisfying, but going beyond the initial scope of requirements for the client. 


Our design and development teams dovetailed website creation with ShipHawk’s simultaneous product development. The resulting web experience blends seamlessly in both interface and design from website to product. The site includes robust analytics for each action and micro-conversion taken, as well as deep integration with both the client’s payment system and their third-party vendor software.


  • 84%
    increase in site conversion rate
  • 17%
    decrease in organic search bounce rate
  • 37%
    decrease in PPC CPA

Know Your Audience

UpTrending created an experience tailored to the key ShipHawk user personas. Designed to tell a story, the bright visuals and illustrations amplify the user-focused content.

UI Styleguide

Starting with just a logo and a color palette, our designers built out a full styleguide with a typographic hierarchy, patterns, custom illustrations and icons, all designed to elevate brand perception cohesively

Custom Illustrations

Sign in page

Custom Illustrations

Responsive Design Excellence

Since ShipHawk’s users are just as likely to be in the office as the warehouse, it was crucial that this responsive website display seamlessly on any device.

  • Shiphawk Mobile website

    Unlike some other SaaS solutions, Shiphawk’s mobile experience is every bit as feature-rich and engaging as its full-size counterpart.

  • We engaged UpTrending as we were embarking on multiple initiatives in parallel. Even with the fluidity of our situation, they grasped the key needs, proactively managed us to ensure milestone were met, and delivered a beautiful, performance optimized website, on time and and on budget.

    Sharon Goldstein, Chief Revenue Officer

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