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Sumo Logic

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Sumo Logic delivers data-driven insight to enterprises worldwide. After initially teaming up with UpTrending on an aggressive and successful SEO and PPC campaign, Sumo Logic further engaged with us to execute a full website redesign. Our team strategized a flexible architecture to streamline Sumo Logic’s content and present their product in a clear, engaging way. We seamlessly integrated the client’s email-only demo trial feature into the website and the new and improved UI inspired an overhaul of their brand in other areas, such as the product interface, marketing materials, sales assets, photography and videos.

Goals & Strategy

The goal of the redesign was to showcase the Sumo Logic service offering and walk users through its benefits and use cases. We decidedly focused on the mobile experience, ensuring it was flexible enough to handle several custom features of desktop, while remaining easy for the client’s internal team to update.


  • 57%
    Increase in organic traffic
  • 26%
    Decrease in bounce rate

Deeper, Richer User Experience

UpTrending strategists developed a refreshed sitemap to streamline the content and focus on product excitement. This manifested in clear, approachable use cases that were visually attractive and interesting to both IT Directors and C-level executives. We also took advantage of CSS transitions and subtle animations to enhance the user’s interaction with the content. This layered information architecture delivered improved Calls-to-Action and better visitor flow by telling the whole story in a practical, meaningful way.



Custom User Interface

The new design targeted a high-end look and feel for the tech space. Our team found ways to balance creative visuals and functional elements. Pushing the palette, we were able to integrate bright colors to draw attention to key action items. We added depth to the flat UI by layering content and using transparency. Form elements were given a little extra polish to make tasks like filling out a form more intuitive to increase conversion. The end result proved that eye-catching colors in proper placements drove more conversions, and that our unique form interfaces made completion more intuitive while providing access to deeper content without reloading a page.

Responsive Design and Adaptive Layout

Custom Maps

Consistent Icon Set

Responsive Carousels

Graphic Interactions

Page Overlays

Responsive Design Elegance

Starting with a mobile-first approach resulted in a site that operates smoothly for all screen sizes. The new Sumo Logic site transitions effortlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile device without losing any functionality or compromising the user experience.

  • Sumo Logic Mobile Website

    By creating a scalable experience, the visual presentation feels familiar on mobile devices. Pages are easy to browse, buttons are large and ample negative space makes touch-based interaction intuitive.

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