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Strategy, Design, Development, SEO/SEM, BI and Analytics


Website redesign optimized for SEO to launch Trifacta’s freemium product, Trifacta Wrangler.

Client Summary

Trifacta is a software company developing productivity platforms for data analysis, management and manipulation.


When Trifacta approached UpTrending for a redesign of their website, it was the perfect chance to also improve their on-site SEO by revisiting keyword targets and update their search strategy.


In addition to a website design, UpTrending launched a scalable PPC (pay per click) campaign, leveraging subject and demographic-based targeting to drive qualified web traffic. Depending on targeting parameters, users were guided to access a gated resource or to download Trifacta Wrangler, the new freemium product.


  • 1,250%
    increase in organic traffic
  • 131%
    increase in session duration
  • 52%
    increase in pages per session
  • 250%
    increased traffic from paid search
  • 75%
    decrease in PPC cost-per-conversion

Empowering Data Wranglers

Trifacta makes data analysis simple. UpTrending reflected that simplicity and ease of use when redesigning their website. Clean, grid based layouts gave each page a solid, yet flexible structure to showcase their product.

UI Elements

UpTrending created a comprehensive user interface, incorporating a branded color palette, clear typographic hierarchy, custom form elements, and a robust library of illustrations. The elements worked together and provided Trifacta with a solid foundation to further develop the site's content.

Responsive Design & Adaptive Layout

Personalized Illustrations

Seamless Signup

Engaging Testimonals

Tabbed Interfaces

Responsive Design Elegance

A responsive website was key in reaching Trifacta’s tech-minded audience and to provide the the best online experience. UpTrending’s design and development team worked closely during planning and execution to deliver a seamless viewing experience on any screen, whether desktop, mobile or tablet.

  • Trifacta Mobile Website

    UpTrending designed the Trifacta mobile experience to be intuitive and to the point, showcasing the value of the new freemium product to users and consequently increasing signups. With a focus on the user, the ease of navigation and finding relevant content was key to the overall mobile experience.

Uptrending is now HUSL Digital